At what point are you going to say this is enough?

I had a chat with mother Earth this morning and she gave me some advice. I thought I would share it with you. The mantra she shares is “Me First!” It’s not about being selfish, it is about self care. Taking care of your self first so you can take better care of others, instead of taking care of others and not having the energy to take care of yourself. We do this as feminine beings. We love to be martyrs to our detriment. That is not why we chose to be here, to be martyrs and save the world, She can do that herself, as we are seeing. Our beings came here to experience this life of creation and love with all of our senses in physical form. We do not experience creation and love the same when we leave the body.

I keep asking myself how am I going to take better care of myself so that my physical body and mind do not limit my experience. I’ve been sitting with Her beauty here on the farm and connecting to Her on such a deeper level. Feeling and understanding the pain She has suffered from over mothering us, from loving us too much and now She has to stop us because She can not survive much longer if we do not change our behaviors and actions. She is shocking us so that we stop and listen, connect and be grateful for what She has done for us, but also understand that the old way of living will no longer work. We must change as She is changing. She is asking us when will we begin to truly take care of our selves by eating well, breathing well and resting the body. She is forcing us to slow down and take the time to do these things, but we must do that by putting ourselves first in a more mature way than we have in the past. I will leave you with Her words to me this morning.

At what point are you going to say this is enough? Can you look at me and see how long I have been a martyr, almost to my destruction, upon which I had to say this is enough! What is your this is enough? I should have held stronger boundaries, but I loved you all so much. Do you understand my feelings? All feminine beings sit at the feet of serving. It is time to start the mantra “Me First” If you make food for your self, your family will eat what you cook because they will not choose to starve, eventually they will eat. Stop concerning yourself about them and what they want and focus on what you want. You no longer deserve the scraps because you are too tired to take care of yourself. This happens with our children, with our partners, with our families, with our friends, and with our work. When you start serving yourself first, you will show up for them in a much better way.

Every moment of every day ask yourself, "What do I want? "What do I need?" Be the leader and model of the house, not the servant. It’s scary at first, so just do it as an experiment just for a week. It will not hurt anyone. No one will starve or feel neglected of your love. AND maybe this will be your new way of being and you can join me in saying no more. No more am I going to walk all over my Self.