All the Babies

We had some really joyous things happen in our home in the midst of all the fun and chaos discovering a new way to have yoga classes - Stream Here Now due to the coronavirus.

Spring is here and with that comes blooms and more blooms - so many flowers are showing their beauty as well as the trees. We have so many cardinals flying around our house, I am not sure I have ever seen so many. I remember getting excited when I lived at home with my parents seeing just one every now and then.

There are some new additions to our family as well. We took the kids and some grandparents to the Tractor Supply Store down the street and adopted 10 lovely lady chicks, well at least we hope! Historically, the sexing of chicks hasn't proven to be very reliable. We continue to keep our fingers crossed they are all females because roosters can be very aggressive towards children. We have 4 yellow chicks, 3 black chicks, a grey chick and two brown chicks - still nameless. They are currently living in our guest bathroom bathtub. We plan on moving them to larger quarters at 3 weeks as their wings really start to grow and they can get some height use them. Marco already found the little grey lady walking in the hallway one day when he forgot to close the bathroom door. :)

The other day I came downstairs and found 3 tiny baby fish in our tank. Guppies are live bearers and we were able to watch the mother fish deliver one of her fry. I had to run out and buy a bigger tank to separate the babies from the adult fish so they wouldn't be consumed. Apparently, after they have their babies, they enjoy eating them! Can you imagine all that work of growing and birthing - just to eat it! Then of course we ended up getting two frogs for the tank and a school of neon tetras. I keep asking Marco what is next? We increased our brood substantially.

The children continue to thrive outside and enjoy running around and being free. I have caught both of them trucking down the driveway to go and see the cows without even letting me know. The rest of us rush to catch up with the one who has already left. It's adorable to watch because M and V end up holding hands and running up the driveway screaming "Moo! Moo!" We always visit the baby cattle. They are very timid, but also curious enough not to run away. Calf number 177 has been the only one to let us touch him.

We also were able to meet out closest neighbor. He is a delightful older man who whittles wood bowls that are stunning and tracks animals when he is not tending to the cattle. He shared footage of a bear that he caught on camera from last summer!!