All Moved In!

We are all moved in! This week was really about unpacking boxes and getting our lives settled. The move was flowing nicely until Wednesday around 2am when our daughter woke up to throwing up in my bed. She then proceeded to throw up the rest of the morning and her final round was around 11am. Then, like the terrible parents M and I are we decided to pack up the car and go to our new home, during nap time for our two toddlers. When we almost arrived at the farm our son projectile vomited in the car and lucky for us we brought extra clothes and a bucket! The poor kid threw up several more times that night and then the next morning. We thought we were all in the clear when nothing happened during the closing of selling our DC home and purchasing our farm, but deep down inside I knew I was a ticking time bomb. We loaded the car for a journey to the farm and again around the same area my son got sick, but on both ends (tmi?). I was so sick and I was sure we were all going to have to sleep at the farm on the floor so I could continue to be sick, but after an hour of feeling okay enough to go and sleep in our beds, we went. The next morning I woke up and could bare move my fingers, much less move our house. The movers came and my husband then got sick. We could barely get to the farm, but somehow we did and as the day went on we started to feel better. We had some residuals at the beginning of the week.. but we made it. It was the hardest move I have ever had to make and the time before I moved with a toddler, 7 months pregnant and a husband out of town!!

Then the rest of the week went as expected - lots of unpacking and runs to Target and the organic markets. They are about 20 minutes from our farm. That is why we absolutely love the farm. It took us about the same amount of time to travel to these stores in the city. The farm has all the conveniences of the city and then some...

One night we woke up around 1:30am to crazy winds and we had to run outside to gather all our porch items that had started to blow all over the place. The winds are crazy on the farm, while there are trees around, there is not much to protect us as we are in wide open fields.

Other than that, just living the farm life - folding laundry on the porch while the kids play, M tossing wood on our outdoor wood burning furnace that heats the house, running around inside and out with the kids and cooking yummy foods.