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I had a chat with mother Earth this morning and she gave me some advice. I thought I would share it with you. The mantra she shares is “Me First!” It’s not about being selfish, it is about self care. Taking care of your self first so you can take better care of others, instead of taking care of others and not having the energy to take care of yourself. We do this as feminine beings. We love to be martyrs to our detriment. That is not why we chose to be here, to be martyrs and save the world, She can do that herself, as we are seeing. Our beings came here to experience this life of creation and love with all of our senses in physical form. We do not experience creation and love the same when we leave the body.

I keep asking myself how am I going to take better care of myself so that my physical body and mind do not limit my experience. I’ve been sitting with Her beauty here on the farm and connecting to Her on such a deeper level. Feeling and understanding the pain She has suffered from over mothering us, from loving us too much and now She has to stop us because She can...


We had some really joyous things happen in our home in the midst of all the fun and chaos discovering a new way to have yoga classes - Stream Here Now due to the coronavirus.

Spring is here and with that comes blooms and more blooms - so many flowers are showing their beauty as well as the trees. We have so many cardinals flying around our house, I am not sure I have ever seen so many. I remember getting excited when I lived at home with my parents seeing just one every now and then.

There are some new additions to our family as well. We took the kids and some grandparents to the Tractor Supply Store down the street and adopted 10 lovely lady chicks, well at least we hope! Historically, the sexing of chicks hasn't proven to be very reliable. We continue to keep our fingers crossed they are all females because roosters can be very aggressive towards children. We have 4 yellow chicks, 3 black chicks, a grey chick and two brown chicks - still nameless. They are currently living in our guest bathroom bathtub. We plan on moving them to larger quarters at 3 weeks as their...


We are all moved in! This week was really about unpacking boxes and getting our lives settled. The move was flowing nicely until Wednesday around 2am when our daughter woke up to throwing up in my bed. She then proceeded to throw up the rest of the morning and her final round was around 11am. Then, like the terrible parents M and I are we decided to pack up the car and go to our new home, during nap time for our two toddlers. When we almost arrived at the farm our son projectile vomited in the car and lucky for us we brought extra clothes and a bucket! The poor kid threw up several more times that night and then the next morning. We thought we were all in the clear when nothing happened during the closing of selling our DC home and purchasing our farm, but deep down inside I knew I was a ticking time bomb. We loaded the car for a journey to the farm and again around the same area my son got sick, but on both ends (tmi?). I was so sick and I was sure we were all going to have to sleep at the farm on the floor so I could continue to be sick, but after an hour of feeling okay enough...