The hOMstead

Yoga Down on the Farm



hOmsteading is about slowing things down and taking time to re-evaluate what’s important and essential. It’s about appreciating what you have, creating new experiences, and growing through what you’re going through. It’s about supporting those around you, and learning to accept assistance.

hOmsteading is not about running for the hills and abandoning civilization and society. It’s not about living in fear and anxiety of the future. It’s not about taking care of you and yours and letting everyone else fend for themselves.

Ultimately, Omsteading is about what is most beneficial for all - you, your family, your neighbors, your community, your pets, nature, and even your enemies and those with whom you disagree.

Rather than judging, rather than rushing, rather than being fearful, won’t you Omstead instead?

Why the OMstead?

Marco and I have been talking for a long a time about living intentionally and being more sustainable in order to help support mother Earth. We have longed to have a space with chickens, a large garden and a retreat center for some time. Any time we would get away from the city to be in nature, stay in cabins, or visit West Virginia where my extended family lives - we would feel so peaceful and happy. It got to a point when we realized that we shouldn't have to leave our home to feel happy, our home should make us happy! In order to move we needed to have access to the things that were important to us. We wanted to be about an hour away from the studio, have accessibility to organic markets, stores we like, classes our kids take, and like minded individuals. We found that in Frederick! The first farm we found on the internet was the one! We loved everything about it and knew it was meant to be. Our farm is about ten minutes north of downtown Frederick. We hope you come for a visit some day soon!