Thais Menendez


Thais is an actor, yogi, writer, and Miami native born to Cuban parents. She feels very deeply rooted in a sense of family, and she has her mother to thank for introducing her to yoga almost eight years ago. Since then, Thais has traveled to many places and has nurtured different interests before landing in Washington DC, where she has lived for the past two years. Three years ago, she returned to her first-ever yoga teacher David Yglesias and completed her yoga teacher training, discovering the eight limbs of yoga in the process. No matter where she goes, or how many projects she is balancing, Thais knows she will always find peace in her practice, finding the steadiness and clarity to live yoga both on and off the mat.


Teaching Style

My go-to style is based in Vinyasa Flow, always encouraging students of all levels to find their own practice and listen to what their bodies need in the moment.

Favorite Quote

“Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art.” -Konstantin Stanislavski

Fun Facts about Thais

Thais works at a theatre full-time and is an actor around town. She is named after an opera by Massenet and tells everyone she meets that it’s pronounced like “Thai food with an S.”