Taylor Conway


Like many others, I was drawn to practice yoga to compliment running and exercise and life after organized sports when I got to college. Through the combination of that and being homesick during my first semester of college, I decided (my mom guided me) to take yoga as a class for credit during my second semester. I assumed the class would be easy, and I would do some stretching, but I got so much more. Our classes were a mix of practicing and lessons on yoga history & foundations. I learned about the 8 limbs of yoga before I ever took a yoga class, and I am still grateful for having this different introduction to yoga. From this class on, I have developed my personal yoga practice on the mat and I strive to do the same off of the mat. I love holding space for people, and being as open to whatever comes our way as possible.

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Yoga Inspiration

All of the people I've met through yoga - friends, teachers, students - who put their own spin on the knowledge and light of yoga and make magic in different ways through this ever-supportive community.

Teaching Style

Vinyasa - I love to start small and build heat through a power flow and balance that with restorative and yin. I also try to not lose sight of what it's like to come to your first yoga class, and want all levels to feel like they have space in my classes to grow.

Fun Facts

I set a goal to travel to 25 countries & 25 states while I was still 25 years old - and I completed that with a trip to Iceland! I lived in Charlotte, North Carolina before moving to D.C., which is where I did my 200 hour yoga training.


"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi