Ryan Ashley


Ryan’s first experience with yoga came at a rough time. She had no idea who she was & didn’t treat her body well, so she hated the experience of an introspective hot yoga class. Five years later, healthier & more self aware, she came back to the mat after having been inspired by a philosophy class. At the end of that practice she felt an indescribable feeling she now knows was her first experience with true peace & contentment - something that evaded her for many years due to depression & anxiety. She knew right then that she wanted to teach to be able to give others that gift.

In the year & a half since, fueled by passion & a love of learning, Ryan has completed a 200 hour Vinyasa based training & has scheduled her 300 hour training to start in February. She’ll be focusing on Yin & Restorative Yoga, Flow & Creative Sequencing because she has always been inspired by the grace & strength of dance & loves to play with the balance of Yin & Yang. So in her classes you can expect creative & steady flows that will still get your heart pumping & your muscles working! Off the mat you can most likely find her somewhere in the woods/mountains, taking & editing photos & creating groovy content for her yogic lifestyle website, & making sick puns.