Ryan Ashley


After years of suffering through anxiety & depression, Ryan found the grounding and peace of yoga truly motivating. It brought her self awareness, confidence & bravery that effortlessly translates into her teaching. She loves to play with the balance of Yin & Yang, so in her classes you’ll find creative, steady flows with mindful transitions that will make you feel powerful & rejuvenated.

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My fellow yogis! Whether that’s another teacher, Instagram yogis or the other students in classes I take. I learn a little something from all of them to take with me through life.

Favorite Style of Yoga

Big fan of Vinyasa, whether that’s a flow or Power class; I just love the creativity of it! But Yin has a major place in my heart as well :)

Favorite Quote

Aghhh, so many great ones to choose from! One of my favorites that relates to how much yoga & hiking have helped me is one from Morgan Harper Nichols, “So wear your strongest posture now & see your hardest times as more than just the times you fell, but a range of mountains you learned to climb.”

Fun Facts

My first true love was my mum, second was hiking/being outside, third was yoga

I’m a major fan of dad jokes & puns! The cheesier, the better. Off the mat you can most likely find me barefoot outside somewhere or taking photos & creating content for my yogic lifestyle blog. Okay, most of them are of myself, true, but the content is for you, okay? Hehe.