Meredith Fortner


With a contagious passion for living life with abundance, Meredith brings energy and laughter to those around her. With a background in elementary teaching and coaching adults, she knows patience and compassion can be difficult to harness in our hectic world. Meredith lights a fire within her students’ physical and spiritual bodies on their yoga mats and helps them cultivate a gentle power to carry out into the world. Her yoga teaching style and off-the-mat life philosophy is best described in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, “sthira-sukham-āsanam,” or “Practicing yoga with strength and in a relaxed manner gives rise to harmony with the physical body.”


Teaching Style

Meredith has roots in the Ashtanga and Power Yoga traditions, and studied under an Ashtanga-based program. She has also completed training in adjustment and anatomy, Yoga Nidra, and Kundalini Yoga. Meredith lights a fire within her students on their mats and helps them cultivate a gentle power to carry out into the world. She loves pushing students to their personal edge, with ample time to rest the body for meditaiton.

Yoga Inspiration

In Yoga Sutra 1.2 Patanjali lays out the definition and purpose of yoga. Yogash citta vrtti nirodha: yoga is the cessation of the modifications, or fluctuations, of the mind. This sutra gets right to the heart of why we practice yoga. We learn right away what yoga is and why we practice it.

Favorite Quote

The spiritual life is not a theory, we have to live it. Do your practice.

Fun Facts about Meredith

While not practicing yoga, Meredith enjoys lifting baby weights: her identical twin boys! She also leads yoga and seva (service) retreats to Costa Rica through her organization, Seva Trips