Mary Koehler


Mary is a midlife yogi of unique compassion and spirit. She has walked through this life as a very reflective, curious, playful person a true sponge for growth. Mary recently completed her major goals in life–included 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga District) and 40 hours Restorative Training (Yoga District) with G. Bernie Wandel (influenced by the teaching of Judith Lasater). Mary loves sharing the benefits of restorative yoga with her students! She is now enrolled in massage school to start a new career as a massage therapist and plans on adding a taste of massage at the end of her savasana.


Favorite Style of Yoga

Restorative Aspects of Iyengar and Dharma practice

Yoga Inspiration

Be gentle and receptive

Favorite Quote

“Thank you God and so it is!”

Fun Facts about Mary

Mary is a student student of massage therapy and Reiki and she is proficient in American Sign Language.