Marco Piñeyro

Co-Founder, CEO, Teacher & Healer

Throughout his life, Marco has been a very curious individual. From a very young age he asked questions about the true nature of God, reality, & the universe. He sought answers through various means, such as family, religion, mysticism & the occult, hard sciences, pharmaceuticals, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, film, & technology. Gleaning bits of truth from each of these brought him further along on his spiritual path.

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Marco was first introduced to Yoga in high school by his physical education teacher. At the time he understood Yoga as a stretching and physical routine, not as an exercise to appease the ego in preparation for meditation.

In 2014 he was introduced to the Dharma sequences (I and II) and began practicing regularly.

Through his journey Yoga has affected Marco deeply and profoundly. It has awoken him to live his life and truth – which he discovered through savasana, meditation, and the assistance of counselors, friends, and intuitives. It has reminded him to love everyone as if they were God standing before him, because they are, and it has reminded him that he cannot love anyone in that way until he first loves and forgives himself.

Through asana practice, meditation, Karma Yoga, and reading spiritual texts, Yoga has reminded Marco that everything is one. All we have is right now. This moment is all that exists, and being present is the best way to honor God, yourself, and others.