Katelyn Caillouet


Katelyn is a lifelong learner, always willing to try new things (especially things that scare her). Some of the best life experiences come from trying new things on a whim. After trying out a few yoga postures on the Nintendo Wii Fit back in 2010, she was curious to try more. However, a busy college schedule kept the desire dormant for a few years until she was finally able to try her first real yoga class in 2013. In her very first class, the teacher introduced ujjayi breath, asana and led them through a guided savasana. She was hooked from that moment on.

Katelyn used yoga as a tool to love herself again after experiencing some life-altering traumas. With each practice, it felt like she was cracking open the door of self-love another inch while learning more about herself and the yogi lifestyle. In 2017, she decided to further her practice and traveled to Bali, Indonesia to complete her 200 hour yoga teacher training. Learning more about the yamas and niyamas completely changed her perspective on life. She couldn’t wait to return to DC and not only share asana, but also the other limbs of yoga with future students.

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Teaching Style

Ashtanga-inspired vinyasa, funky, mindful

Yoga Inspiration

Katelyn is inspired by the everyday yogi who shows up on their mat for themselves, puts in the practice, and shares their strength, mindfulness, and love with others. She’s also inspired by Kino Macgregor, an ashtangi who balances ancient Eastern wisdom with the realities of our modern Western world gracefully and preaches love over all.

Favorite Quote

“I do the best that is in me, without regard to cheers or damnation.” – Stephen Crane

Live your truth, be yourself, love yourself and a world of opportunity and peace will be available to you.

Fun Facts about Katelyn

She brews her own kombucha, loves making playlists/singing along to them, and can’t get enough hot sauce on her grilled cheese sandwiches. She also has a pet hedgehog named Hashtag and loves to watch her roam around the apartment.