Erica Ford


Erica is passionate, fun, and energetic. She loves using uplifting soul music in her classes and emphasizes to her students self-love, individual growth, and community in a safe learning environment. Erica juggles her passion for yoga with her love of doing organizational transformation consulting at an international consulting firm.

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Yoga Inspiration

Erica is not a member of an organized religion, but firmly believes in God and feels very connected to her when practicing. When taking classes, Erica feels a comfort that helps her look at herself with a much kinder eye in and out of yoga class.

Teaching Style

Traditional Vinyasa Flow

Fun Facts

Erica stops everything for any dog she comes across.

She loves to run.

She once met the Craig of Craig’s List.

Erica’s favorite article of yoga-related gear are her lion-inspired colorful yoga pants.

Favorite Quote

‘Let Love Rule’ - Lenny Kravitz