Emily Moore


Emily accepted the invitation of a friend to join her for a yoga class in 2008. She did so with the simple of intention of getting a little strength building workout on a Sunday morning. Emily continued attending yoga classes regularly because it felt so good to practice. Somewhere along the way she quit doing yoga and yoga started doing her, the age old practice began transforming her body, mind, and soul in ways that she didn’t even known to ask for but is immensely grateful for. Emily received her RYT-200 certification in Integral Yoga at Satchidanda Ashram-Yogaville. Emily’s hatha classes emphasize balance and peace. She draws students inward through yoga postures, combining strength with steadiness and ease through the incorporation of the more subtle yoga techniques such as breathing, meditation, and relaxation. She looks forward to sharing the practice of yoga and learning from her students.

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Teaching Style

Classes move at a moderate pace allowing time to hold and settle into postures.She gives time to experiment with postures or variations that may be new or challenging to the student. The mood is lighthearted yet focused. Her sequences are well balanced, intended to strengthen and open the body for physical vitality. To facilitate mental ease and self-knowledge her classes also include breathing exercises, short meditations, guided relaxation before shavasana, and a bit of yoga philosophy. Students are always invited to share questions, comments, and insights with Emily and each other at the end of class!

Yoga inspiration

Emily’s teacher, Sri Dharma Mittra, guides her to the Source within and shows her, through his great yet quiet love for his students, how to teach. She is inspired by the wonderful benefits of the practice that she continually experiences—Emily invites you to find these benefits for yourself!

Emily’s Favorites

Some of her favorite things include practicing simple living, playing with healthy ingredients to make tasty food, being in awe-inspiring nature, learning to surrender bit by bit and watching her funny little rescue turtle Rocco paddle around in his aquarium.