Emily Brown


Emily’s mission is to encourage people of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable in their body.

I have worked for 13 years in the wellness industry and have personally practiced Yoga for 20 years. My teaching is greatly informed by what I have learned working with massage therapy clients and my personal mastery of human anatomy and physiology.

In 2010 I suffered a complete ACL rupture playing roller derby. That knee injury was physically and emotionally devastating for me. I came back to a very gentle and Restorative and Yin yoga practice as a way to find balance and activity post injury. Yin Yoga is my personal favorite style to practice. As I continued to watch and feel my body and mind change through the practice of yoga, I knew I needed to share it in a much larger way. In 2014 I completed my 200hr yoga teacher training at Richmond Beach Yoga in Shoreline, WA. During this training I immersed myself in the practice of all 8 limbs of Yoga philosophy. I also finished a Yin Yoga Teacher training at Twist Yoga in Edmonds, WA


Yoga Inspiration

BKS Iyengar, Yin teachers Bernie Clark and Sarah Powers, my teacher trainers Glenn Tousignant and Dylan Nobels, and my students, who are always sharing their wisdom with me.

Favorite Style of Yoga

Yoga has the ability to help all people make friends with their mind, body and spirit. You will find my classes to be adaptive, welcoming, playful, and anatomy-specific. I like to call my style Slowga, I will take short flow sequences and slow them way down so students can feel the pose in their body fully before moving on. Come prepared to laugh and learn as I am lighthearted and playful!

Favorite Quote

Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love. -Rumi


Larger bodied people, yoga beginners, high stress individuals, athletes recovering from injury