Christine Tran

Teacher & Healer

Christine has always found her way through life as an exploration. As a kid, the one thing that brought her the most joy was connecting with people and learning with an open heart, lightness, and being her truest self. Her love for languages and cultural experiences led her to explore different countries, which also brought about her contemplation of her dharma (life’s purpose). It was not until she began the yoga practice and met her teachers that she remembered that everything that she was searching for was within. All the experiences leading up to this point had taught her that we All have the opportunity to practice and find peace within ourselves in every moment if we keep our hearts open and receptive like a child. She offers an inviting, nurturing, and calming space for students to explore and deepen mind, body, and spirit connection for growth and to integrate the practice into our day-to-day for a blissful and loving life. Om Namah Shivaya – I bow to the inner light.