Caroline Bondurant


Caroline is a free spirit with a love for music, movement, sunshine and connection with others. She fell in love with the magic of yoga 10 years ago, and her life has never been the same. She loved how she could walk into a class feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious but walk out feeling refreshed, empowered and at peace. And this is what she hopes to give to her students.

Caroline’s teaching style is strong yet gentle. Her classes are methodical to ensure safe and fluid sequencing. However, she also encourages students to “take what they need” from her classes: be that taking breaks in Child’s Pose or taking advanced variations of poses. Caroline also utilizes compelling music to inspire students throughout the class. Whether it’s an energetic beat encouraging you to tap into your power or a soothing melody coaxing you to melt into your inner peace, you can expect a new and different playlist every time.

Caroline splits her time between Los Angeles, CA and Washington, DC. She loves teaching in both cities and is so grateful for her East and West Coast yoga families. When she’s not doing yoga, she enjoys the beach, live music, reading and traveling.

Favorite Quote

“Worthy isn’t something you can chase, earn, request or create. It is something you recognize you already are.” -Danielle Doby