+ Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique (AT) is a somatic educational method that unlocks your potential to find freedom in action and work outside of habitual pattern. We are all subject to unconscious habits of tension which bring about stress and limitation in the use of our bodies, preventing ease in living. Most commonly taught in private sessions, the Alexander teacher will guide you through hands-on experiences into freer ways to express and explore movement in the body. AT brings about change through the practice of mind-body unity, making it the perfect way for a yogi to deepen practice in both asana and daily living. In Alexander Technique lessons, you will learn:

    • To release from unwanted patterns of tension in the body and move towards greater balance.

    • To cultivate a healthy posture not reliant on excessive tension.

    • To find breath more easily and fully within any situation and without force.

    • To bring the benefits of your yoga and mindfulness practices into an embodied way of approaching daily life.

    • To recognize the force of habit and deal more effectively with stress, emotion, and obstacles.

    • To ‘Recover from Recovering’ - let go of unproductive overcompensating often learned in other palliative modalities and instead learn body wisdom.