Wisdom Wednesday: We're all just walking each other home.

"We’re all just walking each other home." - Ram Dass

Where is home? Ask my favorite front man and he’d say “[it] is where I want to be." Home is where we start, and it’s where we return to. It’s an origin, a baseline.

I think about home in this sense as a state. What is the natural, default state of nature, of reality, of God? Of anything? Of you? Undisturbed, unagitated. Unmitigated joy, bliss, happiness, and unconditional accepting love. It’s just a matter of remembering this truth.

The only to stimulate the remembering and the only way “home” for any individual is through experience. I can’t tell you how to get home; you don’t live where I live so if I told you how to get there, you’d only end up at my version of home.

Through all of our experiences and interactions with people and systems around us - the good, the bad, the mundane - they all shape us and nudge us toward that path home. Every moment allows you an opportunity to reflect and remember your true nature.

So this year if you can remember that we’re all just walking each other home. Allow that reminder to be with you when you decide how to interact with others and even with yourself. Will you do what you can to help someone remember their true nature of joy, bliss, and love? Or will you choose to upset, anger, and agitate re-enforcing the forgetting of who we really are and our homeward journey?

I’ll see you at home. You’ll know when you’re there, because you will recognize it and say to yourself “This must be the place." Until then I’ll let the heads do the talking . . .

“Home is where I want to be

Pick me up and turn me around

I feel numb, born with a weak heart

I guess I must be having fun

The less we say about it the better

Make it up as we go along

Feet on the ground, head in the sky

It's okay, I know nothing's wrong, nothing

Home, is where I want to be

But I guess I'm already there

I come home, she lifted up her wings

I guess that this must be the place

I can't tell one from the other

I find you, or you find me?

There was a time before we were born

If someone asks, this is where I'll be, where I'll be oh!

We drift in and out

Oh! Sing into my mouth

Out of all those kinds of people

You got a face with a view

I'm just an animal looking for a home and

Share the same space for a minute or two

And you love me till my heart stops

Love me till I'm dead

Eyes that light up

Eyes look through you

Cover up the blank spots

Hit me on the head I got ooh!”