Divine Download - Your Dharma

Know that God(dess) is your Life. God(dess) is sustaining you. If you look for employment to sustain you, you will always be a slave. Be free. Do as your intuition tells you. Always. It doesn’t matter what it looks like on the outside. Your intuition brought you here, it won’t fail you now. To be a grounded person - trust that intuition is part of being grounded. One and the same. You aren’t going to float off in the ether unemployed and homeless. Look at all that you have. Try gratitude. Look how protected you are, how provided for you are. All the joy that’s in your life. It’s overflowing. Let that support you through the uncertainty. Let go of control. Ask for help - yes. Ask for what you need and want directly - yes. And let go of control. Go with this flow. You are so tapped in - let it guide you. Keep breathing. Allow your expected pace to slow down. That’s what injury teaches us - slooow the fuck down. It’s ok. You’re allowed. I give you permission. Today, don’t plan your day. Let it unfold naturally. ”

Don’t worry so much about being at peace with the situation. Instead find that permanent peace surging within yourself that is always there and can never be shaken...You can sit with the discomfort. You don’t have to push it down all the time. Let it out. You must feel it - sit with it - that’s the way out. Through. And your heart will be clearer and greener and your spirit will be dancing and free.” 😘