Be Here Now Yoga is Closing

Divine Download - Stepping In

It's time to begin to step into truth more and more now and that means being really clear with your intentions. No more dragging your feet we don’t have time for this misalignment. Now is the time my dears to step into the power and own your decisions because it is what’s right and fair for people. No more feeling bad because other people are not adhering to the rules and assume they are the exception. That is not fair. You must be firm in your rules and boundaries. Remember people will push you to see how far you will go. It is time to honor those boundaries within your self and for others. People will respect you more because of this. You are not asking anything unreasonable.

Since the new year you may have noticed your emotions moving in waves of joy to discomfort. The pain and disconnect that is coming up for you is the shift that is happening of this power. Begin to notice your divine feminine asking you to step in a provide emotional support to yourself through this.

I’m sensing this huge divine feminine revolution that we are about to partake in. We can’t not be tapped into it anymore, we can’t check out it’s so powerful. Also I don’t think you want to. Let's continue to listen and continue to make moves. Let's continue to reach out when we are called to and share what we are experiencing. Let's no longer be scared. I’m stepping in and I’m asking you to join me. I love you all so much and I am so happy to be moving with you!