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Divine Download - Riding the Wave of Emotions

If you are noticing that you are riding the wave of emotions and you are getting caught up in the crashes, ask yourself what is there to crash from? Clear and ground yourself, then ask what’s true right now? The awareness is the first step, it’s all a choice. Why are you identifying with a crash? It is because you can’t accept that the space of healing is a possible reality for you? What would it mean for you to be in that space all the time? It is possible to be grounded in the space of love and joy, choosing all of life to be the practice, the meditation and showing up for all life’s moments will keep you in synchronicity? The crash is you trying to go back to numbing instead of experiencing. When you start to crash ask what is it I can learn from this moment and how can I choose to be different now, different than the past? Choosing to be there in it.