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Divine Download - Releasing Fear

It’s this fear that we have to release: the fear that holds you back from letting go of the financial stability or the familiarity, and diving into that world of doing the thing that you know intuitively—not in your logical mind but in your gut, in your heart, in your soul—that this is your calling, that is what you want to do. So what it comes down to is the fear, but the fear is really just a lack of trust. You have to take that knowledge, that deep knowledge in your gut, and know that it is beyond you. Whether you want to call it the universe or divine, your higher Self, your gut, your heart… they’re really one in the same, because we are the universe, we are the divine, we are a piece of everything. So if that feeling is there, that will tether you, that will support you. But you have to trust. It’s like jumping off of a bridge or out of a plane. You just have to take that leap of faith, knowing that the parachute will inflate, that the bungee will hold. Even though you’re free falling for a few moments, and you’re experiencing that, seeing the ground draw closer. The parachute can’t inflate the second you jump. That’s not how it works. You have to fall first, and that fall is the whole point, right? It’s scary, but those moments before the safety net kicks in, before the parachute inflates or the bungee cord starts to engage, those are the moments where you remember what it is to be so free and so alive. And you get to experience this because you’ve trusted that it will catch you, and it will. It’s the same thing with giving in to trust. You can get to the logical space of “I know this will be okay,” but until you truly trust that feeling that is your dharma, that is your calling, your purpose; once you give in to that trust, the Universe will never let you down. It will always catch you. Remember that nothing is failure. Failure does not exist. You will always be rewarded for trusting your intuition, even if what unfolds isn’t what you were expecting. Give in, let go, trust, and have fun. We’re here to play.