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Divine Download - Getting Comfortable with Finances

First you have understand that money is just energy and like anything else your thoughts can manifest your reality in this space as well. If you are fearful with money and not having any, you will not have any. BUT if you let go to the attachment and move money you will see that in order to receive money you must give money. Just like you cannot hold onto all the energy in your body and save up. You must constantly be flushing the body of old energy and replacing it with fresh energy. This is where the healing comes from. When you feel yourself attaching to it ask yourself the question what is true right now? (Yes this question always) and you’ll find you are ok and taken care of financially. You don’t want for anything and you have a home and food to eat. Once an ideas is created it’s its own entity and you decide how much you will support it or hold it back. Can you move with it? Can you let it be it’s own and not hold it back? You must constantly be showing up and be present with money. If you're projecting, choose to project to great wealth as opposed to poverty. Since both are projections you might as well continue to manifest wealth. Always choose abundance. If you hear the fears come in, find awareness to change the story.