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Divine Download - Feeling all the Feels

My dear as we become more liberated in this life we do not stop feeling the emotions that we choose to label as bad. They are a part of life. They will happen but it’s how you respond in awareness that matters. We choose to numb instead of feel. Let’s move out of that space of disconnect and just feel the feelings whether good or bad. These labels don't exist, but only from us giving them. There is no good or bad, there just is. See what it feels like to be upset to be sad. What we want is to never have those feelings. We try to turn them off immediately with our drug/vice of choice. But these are part of life and to move through them and to actually feel them allows them to pass. Otherwise we're stuffing them down to add onto your karmic load. If we feel them, then they pass through our energy body like water. No blockages, just move. Feel all the feelings in gratitude because you can. Explore them, let them be fun. I love you!