10 Practical Habits to Ease Social Distancing

Whether you live alone, with your family, or with roommates who play Beer Mile every night, try these 10 habits for 10 days and see how they free you of tension, worries and anxieties. You don’t have to just believe it.

Try it! Track your own experience. And see for yourself what is true. It is easiest to practice one habit at a time. So focus on one habit each day.

Easy 4-step Method

STEP 1: Keep a Journal

At the start of each day, write the date and the habit for the day. Like this:

March 22

It is my heartfelt intention to practice the habit of [ ] today.

And so on . . . .

STEP 2: Wear Something That Reminds You

Maybe a piece of fun jewelry, or a simple string around your wrist. Let it be something that feels good and makes you happy to see.

STEP 3: Journal Again

At the end of each day, allow a few minutes to write in the journal for that day:

I practiced the habit of [ ] today. This is what I noticed . . . .

STEP 4: Integrate

At the end of the 10 days, reflect back over your experience and see what stands out to you. Go back to your journal and write:

For the past 10 days, I practiced the 10 habits above. I can honestly say that this is what I noticed . . . .

Are you still game? Great! Here they are.

10 Habits for 10 Days to Ease Social Distancing

Habit 1: Today I Will Practice Self Care

Take good care of yourself! Rest. Eat wholesome foods. Sit in the sun. Join an interesting online group or join a live streaming yoga class. Say no to something you don’t feel you have energy for. And know that this is not selfish. Taking care of yourself benefits everyone around you.

Habit 2: Today I Will Conserve My Energy

Energy follows attention. So for at least a few minutes everyday, or more, allow your attention to be single focused. Read a book, engage in a hobby, bake cookies, garden, dance. Whatever it is, focus your attention just on that. This will keep your mind from being drawn in all directions and this will conserve your energy.

Habit 3: Today I Will Allow Myself To Experience The Truth

This one may seem a bit trickier. But try it. Notice not just whether your own words are true, but allow yourself to really tune in to whether what you see and hear feels true in your body. Trust that your body knows. Trust the messages you get from yourself. And notice what happens.

Habit 4: Today I Will Let The Benefits Of My Practice Come and Go

At this point, you will begin to feel the benefits of this practice. After your morning journal entry, do a short meditation where you sit still for a few minutes and acknowledge the benefits of your practice. Hold a sense of gratitude for giving yourself this experience. And then imagine the benefits continually coming in to you and expanding outward as far as you can imagine. This basically keeps you from hoarding the benefits like a dragon in a cave filled with gems and it reminds you that even though you’re social distancing, you can still share with others. Reaffirm out loud what you wrote in your journal, “Today I will practice letting the benefits of my practice continually come and go.”

Habit 5: Today I Will Give Each Thing I Do Appropriate Time

In times where we may not have all the structure we are used to, it is easy to let some activities steal time from others. It helps to give things an appropriate amount of time. You can think of it as not allowing one thing to steal time from another. And rather than stressing out about moving to the next activity or engaging in regret, simply say, “I have given this activity appropriate time.” And then move on.

Habit 6: Today I Will Practice Being Clean And Neat

If you are already a neat freak, no problem. Just keep doing what you’re doing, but do it with intention. If you struggle in this area, start small. Don’t try to tackle everything at once. Just gently hold the intention of being clean and neat and allow your actions to follow along with the intention.

Habit 7: Today I Will Practice Feeling Contentment

Just for one day, practice feeling that everything you have is enough. You don’t have to commit to this idea. And you don’t have to accept it logically. This is just a mental exercise. If you can’t actually get there emotionally, don’t worry about it. Just practice this mantra, “Today everything I have is enough and I desire nothing more.” Just try it out.

Habit 8: Today I Will Practice Stepping Back To Watch My Reactions

For this practice, just try to give yourself a little space before you react to things. To make this easier, just pick the things that you have the strongest reaction to, positive or negative. Then immediately pause. Step back. And without any judgment, just say, “I just [saw, heard, read ______], and this was my immediate reaction.” Then you can choose to let that reaction go or maybe you engage with it. The point here is just to give yourself the space to step back and notice.

Habit 9: Today I Will Practice [My Favorite Habit] With All Earnestness

By now you will have tried 8 different habits. One will likely stand out as being more exciting, fun or beneficial to you. Practice that one again today, this time with all earnestness.

Habit 10: Today I will Practice [My Favorite Habit] With The Intention Of Sharing The Benefits With Others

If you are still liking the favorite habit from yesterday, or maybe you want to work with the runner up, practice it today with the intention of sharing the benefits of this practice with others. If you have followed this practice, by now you will feel so good that you want to share it and will likely have found the way that makes most sense to you. So go ahead!