100 Hour Yin Teacher Training


Submerge yourself in the depths of Yin Yoga

Be Here Now Yoga’s 100 hour Yin training is an educational and spiritual exploration of the world of Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga uses simple postures and long holds to draw the mind inward and release unwanted energy in the body. This slow, often intense practice nurtures self-knowledge and well-being.

In Daoist philosophy the concept of yin and yang represent complementary opposites such as light and dark, or earth and sky. Yang is visible and bright, where yin is quiet and deep. At times, our world can be very yang: focused on strength, work-ethic, and visible success. Yin compliments yang, by offering relaxation, creativity, and internal satisfaction. This style offers something for everyone. Experienced yogis turn to yin as a balance for their rigorous (yang) practice. Beginners find yin both physically accessible and mentally challenging: a perfect entry point into the larger world of yoga. In our training, we will focus on how to tailor classes to compassionately support and meet the various needs of your students, whether they are new to yoga or long-time practitioners.

Over the course of the training, you will study with the community of teachers at BHNY to learn the fundamentals of Chinese, Yogic, and Western models of anatomy. There will be ample time to practice teach and learn how to create a conscious and calm learning environment. The training will provide you with in depth knowledge of many poses each with their own variations and meditations.

You can also include our restorative weekend in your training. Restorative yoga is the gentler cousin of yin--focused on soft, fully supported stretches to repair muscle tissue and allow the body to completely relax. A thoughtful restorative practice can do wonders for stress, rehabilitation, and well-being.

This training is as much about connecting to ourselves as it is about teaching others. We will journal, discuss, and grow in our practices together. Our studio is a compassionate community: we believe there is no difference between loving ourselves and loving others. Join us in this practice.

Fall 2020 Dates

October 3-4 Module 1: Yin Basics. In this module, you’ll learn the fundamentals of a Yin practice. In the mornings we will explore basic physical anatomy, history, philosophy, meditation, and teaching aesthetic. In the afternoons we will workshop and practice teaching a beginning set of Yin postures.

  • October 17-18
  • Module 2: Body Awareness, Energy, and Alignment.
  • The second module is an experiential exploration of Yin yoga through different lenses. In the mornings we will explore Chinese medicine, chakras, and body awareness. In the afternoons, we will workshop and practice an intermediate set of Yin postures.
  • November 14-15
  • Module 3: Becoming A Teacher.
  • In this module, we will explore the role of a teacher in a Yin practice. We’ll practice communication with students, gentle adjustments, and begin to define our personal teaching aesthetic. For the pose workshops, we’ll learn an intermediate set of postures, and explore how non-traditional Yin postures can benefit from a Yin perspective. It is recommended that you take either Module 1 or 2 before taking this Module.

If you have questions about our application process, email info@bhnydc.com. After your application is received, our manager will reach out to you via email with the next steps.


  • $895 Package Price for all 3 Modules
  • $335 Per Module Price

Requirements Prior to Training

All enrolled applicants will be required to complete the following before the training starts:

Observe 3 Yin classes at BHNY and write about their observations and questions.

Answer each question below (minimum 100 words per question). Email your response to info@bhnydc.com

1. How has practicing yoga affected you and your relationship with the world around you?

2. Who has influenced you on your yoga path, and why have you chosen this training?

3. In brief, tell us some general information about your life history and your profession.

4. What would you like to improve in your life?

Graduation Requirements

In order to achieve certification, you must, to our satisfaction, complete and submit:

  • All pre-training homework assignments.

  • Attend every session of the contact hours during the training.

  • Achieve a passing grade on any exams given during the contact hours of the training.

  • Complete all of the assignments given during the training.

  • Complete and submit all supporting documentation and assignments relating to the post-training internship.

What books and supplies will I need?

You are required to purchase books and supplies for the training. Upon enrollment, you will receive the book list and required supplies.


Program Leader: Danny Coates-Finke

The program is led by staff teacher Danny Coates-Finke, RYT-200, and taught by the teachers of BHNY. We also invite guest teachers throughout the training to expand your learning in a variety of yoga specialties. You will walk away with the skills you need to teach beyond just asana and truly cultivate spiritual growth within yourself and students.