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Sherri Ta, Owner

Sherri Pineyro

Co-Founder, Director, Business Manager, Teacher, and Healer

After 29 years of living someone else’s life, Sherri Ta spent 5 years finding her Self, ultimately leading her to open Be Here Now Yoga Center. During the summer of 2011, Sherri traveled to the birthplace of yoga – India, to deepen her practice and to study yoga as a whole. Rishikesh was an amazing experience for her and it felt like she was coming home. During this trip she met two pivotal people who would lead her to her teacher Carol.

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    Marco Pineyro

    Marco Pineyro

    Co-Founder, CEO, Teacher and Healer

    Throughout his life, Marco has been a very curious individual. From a very young age he asked questions about the true nature of God, reality, & the universe. He sought answers through various means, such as family, religion, mysticism & the occult, hard sciences, pharmaceuticals, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, film, & technology. Gleaning bits of truth from each of these brought him further along on his spiritual path.
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      BHNY Teachers & Healers

      Beth Watson

      Beth Watson


      Beth’s piano teacher always repeated the mantra “fall in love with the practice”.
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        Chantae’ Polite


        Chantae' completed her training at Yoga District’s Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200 hour). Read full biography...

          Christine Tran

          Christine Tran

          Program Manager, Teacher, and Healer

          Christine has always found her way through life as an exploration. Read full biography...


            Danny Coates-Finke


            Danny started practicing yoga six years ago, after a bad breakup. Read full biography...

              Delaney McGowan

              Front Desk Greeter

              Delaney has been a yogi for over 6 years. Read full biography...


                Emily Moore


                Emily accepted the invitation of a friend to join her for a yoga class in 2008.  Read full biography...

                  Erin Boyer


                  There are countless labels and designations  Read full biography...

                    Jamie Minchin


                    For Jamie, yoga is her primary mode of self-expression.
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                      Kat Milburn

                      Kat Milburn


                      Kat Milburn is a Northern Virginia native who discovered yoga over 10 years ago. Read full biography...


                        Kiki Peterson


                        Kiki’s yoga journey began in 2011 and really transformed in early 2014. Read full biography...


                          Marjorie Woodbury


                          Marjorie is a soulful being who collects and absorbs positive energy wherever she travels. Read full biography...


                            Mary Koehler


                            Mary is a midlife yogi of unique compassion and spirit. Read full biography...


                              Oxana Romanyuk

                              Marketing and Sales Coordinator

                              Oxana has been part of the mindfulness community since 2012. Read full biography...


                                Pandhla Warren

                                Studio and Customer Service Coordinator

                                "I love being a part of the BHNY community!" Read full biography...


                                  Rhiannon Morsberger

                                  Teacher and Healer

                                  Rhiannon began her yoga journey over a decade ago while recovering from a serious dance-related injury.
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                                    Shauna Kelly


                                    Shauna’s mindfulness training began 20 years ago. Read full biography...


                                      Simone Mishler


                                      Simone spent much of her life playing catch-up with her four older siblings. Read full biography...