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Shauna Kelly

Gifts: Thai Yoga Therapy

During Shauna’s Thai yoga therapy session you will find precision and adherence to a 2500 year old technique. This technique uses “leaning pressure, reflex point, energy line work, assisted progressive stretching, passive yoga, blood stopping of the femoral artery for renewing nutrients and oxygen and removing toxins to alleviate back stiffness.” Shauna practices a particular style of Thai yoga therapy founded by an Indian Ayurvedic doctor named Jivaka Kuman Bhaccha.  The practice focuses on thumbing and palming of meridian energy lines of the body; “vital energy” is called lom in Thailand, prana in India, chi/qi in China and ki in Japan as is described in her teacher’s book: Thai Massage: Sacred Bodywork. The practice treats any pain or energy imbalance holistically beginning with the feet and working up to the head. The practice explores the root of tension or imbalance rather than soft tissue work that treats the symptoms. Many of her past clients say they discover things about their body that they never knew or felt before and the interconnectedness of their bodies becomes profoundly apparent. The sessions can use any number of the five positions: supine, prone, side lying, inverted and seated. Shauna has over three hours worth of material to customize for you. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting, cotton, long-sleeved shirt and long pants or whatever you might wear to yoga aside from slippery fabrics.

Thai Yoga Therapy promotes general health and well-being. Through the application of rhythmic pressure on energetic points in the body and the yogic stretching of muscles, this practice can release blockages and restore energy to its natural flow. Thai Yoga Massage is a mix of meditation, insight, loving kindness, massage and yoga. It is both therapeutic and preventative. It can cure a number of issues such as lower back pain, digestive problems, stress, headaches, nervous imbalance, and tightness in the body. It also helps improve circulation, digestion, body posture, flexibility, breathing capacity, and helps release tension.

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