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Rhiannon Morsberger

Gifts: Thai Yoga Therapy and Thai Foot Reflexology

During Rhiannon’s sessions you can expect to discuss your primary and secondary complaints as well as your general health conditions. Through communication before, during, and after your session, Rhiannon will work to address your concerns and help you on your path to healing.

Thai Yoga Therapy promotes general health and well-being. Through the application of rhythmic pressure on energetic points in the body, joint mobilization, and the yogic stretching of muscles, this practice can release blockages and restore energy to its natural flow. Thai Yoga Therapy blends meditation, energy work, Metta, massage and yoga. It is both therapeutic and preventative. Together, these actions release stagnant energy, muscular tension, and may also relieve headaches, digestive issues, stress, anxiety, and previous soft tissue injuries. Many clients have even found improvement in circulation, body posture, flexibility, and breathing capacity.
Services offered:
60 minute –  Therapeutic focus on Back & Shoulders,  Legs, Head & Shoulders, or another area of your choice
90 minute – Full body   (with or without therapeutic focus)
2 hr – Full body   (with or without therapeutic focus)
Thai Yoga Therapy w/ Hot Herbal Compress is a luxurious add-on to a traditional 90min or 2 hour session. The handmade herbal compresses are steamed and applied directly to the body. Many find the aroma to be relaxing, but the Thai herbs are also ideal for stimulating the internal organs, alleviating stiff or sore muscles, arthritis, migraines, as well as cleansing and healing the skin. The herbs in the compress possess properties that are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, and antioxidant. Please wear loose dark clothing as some of the herbs stain fabric easily.
Herbal compresses are a $30 add-on. They are only available for 90min or 2 hour sessions.
Thai foot reflexology involves pressure via hands, thumbs, knuckles, and a wooden stick with lotion/oil to soothe lower leg and foot pain, as well as influence better function throughout the entire body. This 60 minute tune up will leave you feeling energized and refreshed.
Interested in combining services? Try a 90 minute session! 45 minutes of Thai foot reflexology and 45 minutes of therapeutic focus (Neck/Shoulders, Legs, Hands/Arms, etc.)
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
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