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Oxana Romanyuk

Marketing and Sales Coordinator

Oxana has been part of the mindfulness community since 2012. She loves creating a safe and open space and organizes various wellness events at her Red October house. Oxana has hosted numerous circling gatherings, weekend retreats, authentic relating games, women’s circles, mindfulness workshops, spiritual ceremonies, sound bath meditations, sound healing galactivation sessions, and many more. Through these events, Oxana’s goal is to bring the highest light in people, to create the space for the deepest inner love, to lift the energies and hold the vision of the highest good.

oxanaflowersFavorite style of Yoga


Yoga Inspiration

Amma, silence of the “monkey mind”, seva

Favorite Quote

“As you perform good actions selflessly, true love will blossom, which will purify our emotional mind.” – Amma

Fun facts about Oxana

Oxana loves reading, slacklining, giving hugs, knitting, and cooking Indian food.

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