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Meghan Doherty


Meghan began her journey on a recommendation from her doctor.

She stepped on a yoga mat hoping to pacify her migraines and quickly found the means to a healthier, happier, and truer self. Feeling the healing and empowering effects of a daily practice, Meghan was dedicated to expanding her yoga horizons. During an extended visit to India, Meghan studied in an ashram to learn the history and cultural importance of yoga as well as its components beyond asana. During her travels, she decided to pursue yoga teacher training as a way to bring yoga and its teachings to a wider audience. Meghan is a RYT-E 200 and is grateful for the opportunity to share various styles of yoga. She blends her love of yin, restorative, and vinyasa to offer an accessible, grounding, yet powerful muti-level class and works to provide a space for self exploration and reflection.Yoga Inspiration (see website for examples)I am inspired by humans everywhere; their resilience, openness, and ability to preform random acts of kindness. I believe yoga is a powerful tool to connect to your inner truth and share it with those around you.

Teaching Style:

Meghan teaches a vinyasa style class that balances thoughtful alignment with expressive, flowing movement. At times, Meghan will sprinkle in some yin and restorative aspects to class to create space for

reflection and quiet within a powerful practice.

Favorite Quote:

As a lover of sci-fi, I have to go with one of my favorite author’s wise words: “We are cups

, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out” –Ray Bradbury

Fun Facts:

Off the mat, Meghan can be found working on environmental policy, hiking somewhere beautiful, or with her nose in a book (recommendations always welcome!).

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