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Kiki Peterson


Kiki’s yoga journey began in 2011 and really transformed in early 2014. This was when she opened up and became ready to explore the many benefits of the practice.
Kiki believes the mind, body, and soul are connected as one beautiful strong connection. She firmly believes in the strength and courage of all and with that mentality, she emphasizes strength building, breath guiding and mind focusing movement in her classes. Through her own transformation, she felt inspired to share the gift of yoga with others. She is excited about what Yoga can bring to her students both on and off the mat. Kiki received her 200-hour teacher training from Yoga District in Washington D.C Kiki (Kirsten) creates balanced, fun, and refreshing yoga sequences that will help take your mind away from the hustle and bustle of our busy world while also teaching deeper yoga philosophy and wellness concepts.

Teaching Style

Power and Ashtanga Inspired Flow with meditative undertones

Yoga Inspiration

My inspiration comes for all around me. Seeing people on the street smiling back at me, watching someone open the BWIMG_2905door for another, seeing a homeless person share food, to cheering for runners as they cross the finish line. I’m inspired and motivated by others in all walks of life. I understand how fortunate I am and always thankful when I’m reminded of that.

Favorite Quote

“Keep considering that where you are is where you should be. Do that, and you’ll relax into the journey” Unknown

Something Fun

I adore baking homemade bread and love watching “River Monsters” on Animal Plant.

Kiki’s Korner

The most important thing to me are my friends, family and darling husband. I have a passion for many things other than Yoga such as cooking, traveling, running and as a true Pitta, organizing is a hobby of mine! I aspire to read all the books on my bookshelf – wish me luck – and I love shopping at craft sales.


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