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Erin Boyer


For most of her conscious life, Erin’s two loves have been yoga and travel.
She discovered in her teens that the two were often the perfect complement – both hold as their ultimate goal a deep connection with the present moment.  Erin enjoys a full time career as a U.S. diplomat, and has practiced or taught yoga in more than 10 different countries, and five different languages.  An avid student of Ayurveda, Erin has learned that a daily yoga and meditation practice can balance the vata-producing effects of an adventurous life.  A self-proclaimed “yoga nerd”, she loves to learn about the teachings of yoga, and enjoys bringing her discoveries into the practice as an offering for her students.  Her classes are designed to help students ground and connect with their breath, to quiet the mind, and to build strength and endurance in their bodies.  Her greatest desire as a teacher is to create space for her students to learn and play the edge of their mental and physical boundaries, while feeling totally supported.

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Erin designs her classes to help students ground and connect with their breath, to quiet the mind, and to build strength and endurance in their bodies. Her classes embody an alignment-based approach, and focus on doing the postures correctly, not quickly. Erin’s classes balance active vinyasa sequences with strength-building hatha, for a truly well-rounded experience. She believes that yoga inspires her to be her best self, and hopes to share this inspiration with you.

Yoga Inspiration

Erin’s biggest yoga inspiration is her fat black kitty, Diego. He teaches her to rest in connection to the present moment, to love unconditionally, to accept the love of others with grace, and most importantly, when to take a long and luxurious nap!

In her own practice, Erin draws on inspiration from yoga philosophy to guide and inspire her to deepen her spiritual as well as physical experience. She has been blessed to study with many great teachers and lineages, and her biggest influences are: Anusara, Para yoga, and most recently, Vedic meditation.

Favorite Quote

“It is through your body that you discover you are a spark of divinity.”  BKS Iyengar

Something Fun

An avid traveler and full-time diplomat, Erin has visited over 100 different countries. However, she fully believes in the wisdom of Dorothy and Toto in the Wizard of Oz: “there’s no place like home”. She loves her home in Capitol Hill and her Be Here Now Yoga family, and looks forward to welcoming you to the tribe.




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