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Our Philosophy


Our Mission: LOVE

To BE and GIVE LOVE without condition so that all may discover their true nature.

Our Purpose

Be Here Now Yoga facilitates its mission by providing a safe and comfortable oasis for clients to heal and maintain wellness through high quality yoga and healing modalities. Be Here Now provides classes that are accessible to everyone. Our yoga classes are All Level. Our teachers have been trained to differentiate their instruction to meet each clients needs. We also offer a wide variety of healing services for clients to connect even deeper to who they really are. At BHNY our community is open and inviting, allowing clients to connect with like-minded individuals looking to further their spiritual practice and connect to their True Self.

Your yoga, your truth.

Our Standing Invitation

At BHNY we offer a standing invitation. We invite you to practice free from any expectations. We invite you to listen to your true Self and act according to your condition. No headstand in your practice? No problem! Not into Oming or chanting? That’s ok too. Everything is optional, not a requirement. We invite you to explore a physical practice, a breathing practice, a contemplative practice, a devotional practice, a practice of mindfulness, a practice of gratitude, a practice of unconditional love, or any other practice that serves you and helps you discover your truth in this lifetime. We invite you to extend your practice beyond your mat, blanket, block, or bolster. We invite you to take your practice with you when you walk out the door and to carry it with you wherever you go. We invite you to practice however and whenever you can without any expectations because when you do so you allow yourself to be fully present. When you are present you bring YOU to the practice – not your identity, role, or story, but your true Self. We offer this invitation because bringing that is what makes Be Here Now unique, a community, and a family – YOU.