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Manifesting as if things already exist

IMG_1354We have all heard about manifesting I’m sure but if not it can be defined as “displaying or showing (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; to demonstrate”. Essentially creating something that you would like to exist in your world. We all chose to be embodied in this world to create. The chakra located right below our naval is connected with our sense of creation is called the Sacral chakra – why because it is our entire purpose to create here. We are always creating something whether it is through our thoughts or actions.

One of the key components of meditation is to become aware of our thoughts so that we don’t get caught up in them. Our thoughts are either connected to our Higher Self or our ego. The original thought (gut reaction) is our Higher Self or intuition speaking and then any thoughts following that is our ego. Have you ever noticed that your ego is constantly complaining or creating drama in your life? The purpose of meditation is to become aware of your ego doing this and pull yourself out of it.

You might be asking why I brought up mediation… and that is because it has a lot to do with manifesting. Whatever we think – becomes. Here is an example: Someone may be so worried (thinking about it all the time) that their significant other will cheat on them. Guess what eventually happens.. the significant other cheats! NOW – if we practice meditation and gain awareness, meaning we can catch the worrisome thinking and flip it to a positive like “My significant other is so attracted to me and always wants to be with me.” What do you think is going to happen? Just that!!

Now there are some other important factors in manifesting that we often forget…

  1. We say the desired state as if it already exists. Notice I didn’t say “My significant other will be so attracted to me and will always wants to be with me.” I said “My significant other is so attracted to me and always wants to be with me.” If we don’t state it as if it already exist then the Universe doesn’t always know when we want it. So maybe this might be some other significant other down the road… or later after they cheat they change their mind. Here’s another example. Say you really want to move to San Francisco… you wouldn’t say, “I want to move to San Francisco.” You would say  “I am moving to San Francisco.”
  2. Now, let’s take deeper look at this move to San Francisco… we need to help the Universe out even more… so we have the statement  “I am moving to San Francisco.” Great! But when??? You haven’t told the Universe when you would like to go. You might be moving there when you’re 80. Let’s get more specific!  “I am moving to San Francisco January 1, 2018.”

love-your-selfOk so let’s review:

  • Become aware of the thoughts you don’t want and flip them into desired states.
  • State the desired state as if it already exists.
  • Be time specific.

Now start creating the life you have always dreamed of! AND always show gratitude.


Life’s Patterns

Have you ever noticed that the universe provides you with the same experience over and over again? Do you ever have moments where you feel like you are dating/in a relationship with someone who is similar that the person you just broke up with, and maybe the one before, and maybe who is like your dad or mom?

Before we are incarnated into this life, we sit down and make choices of whatLife's Lessons lessons we want to learn during this
lifetime and until we learn them the universe will keep providing us with opportunities to learn our lessons. You will literally be given the same situation over and over again until you learn how to deal with it differently. Find a new tool to add to our toolbox of skills.

Let me give you two examples that might help you understand what I am saying better.


First example:

I have always been a girl who loves to live without drama in her life, but for a long time I just kept having to deal with drama mostly with other girls, one relationship after another. The typical response (looking back I can of course see what I would do over and over again). I would get upset with someone because they didn’t meet my expectations (I am not sure I even expressed to them what my expectations were!!) and I would speak my truth or try and set boundaries (people don’t like it when we do this!!). Then in return they would get defensive and say mean things. I would
reach out to 3 people.. my husband and 2 best friends to get vindicated and to see if they thought I was being an ass. A few of these experiences and then the girl and I would no longer be friends. Rinse, wash and repeat – it would happen again.

HMMM… Finally! I became aware of this pattern one day. I was presented with an email from a girl friend and I watched myself start my pattern. BUT something different happened this time. I had been practicing Ho’ponopono, it is the act of I'm sorry,Please forgive me,Thank you,I love youHo'oponoponosaying “I’m sorry, Please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” So I started practicing it and don’t you know things shifted for me. I began to understand and feel love and compassion for my friend who could not let this go, wasn’t I too doing the same thing by reaching out to my 3 people to complain. I also then felt a great sense of love and gratitude that I had these wonderful people in my life to reach out to. I then just felt so grateful for the entire experience and all the experiences that brought this drama in my life so I could learn this lesson and move forward. I sat and cried with so much love and joy!  BUT, the universe doesn’t stop there, she makes sure you really get the lesson – so of course one more! AND don’t you know this person apologized via email. Funny the coincidence I was reading the book Zero Limits by Joe Vitale and he had the same experience emails and all!

Another great example would be with my love life. I have dated and married very similar personalities to my father. They kept finding me and I kept seeking approval from them. I also didn’t know how to stand up for myself or set healthy boundaries. After getting my divorce I found one of my teachers and she helped me learn to fall in love with myself and truly love ME! Again, the person that had to change was me. Now I am able to have a healthy loving relationship with my husband. BUT I had to change myself in order to have this. I also had to love myself in order to find him! Otherwise guess what? The pattern would repeat itself.

The beautiful thing about these patterns is once you work through them it not only helps you, but it helps the other person who is connected to this pattern. You see we seek out each other to play out these lessons – in yogi terms it is called our Lila. <3

These lessons were very simple – yet profound. I have learned that I cannot create expectations and not share them and get upset with others when they are not met, I need to set healthy boundaries with others and I cannot seek approval from other people – I must find that within myself.

What patterns have you found happening in your life? What are some of the great lessons you are seeking in this lifetime?


Super Soul Sunday: Thoughts on Standing Rock


BHNY is hosting a special community Kirtan and Spiritual Discourse today and all the proceeds will be donated to Standing Rock in North Dakota. I offer you some thoughts on why I feel this movement is important.

In graduate school, I took a class called The Future of Environmentalism. My professor created the class so together we could explore the environmental movement’s trajectory as we move deeper into the climate crisis. We read folks like David Abram and Johanna Macy (both highly recommended), Gandhi and writings from the Deep Green Resistance, a radical and violent group of environmentalists; and of course we read Bill McKibben, our modern day “every man” steward of the land and a self proclaimed “unlikely activist.” He started and created the campaign around the Keystone Pipeline, a massive pipeline would transport oil from Tar Sands up north through the middle of the country. Keystone was the centerpiece of the movement a few years ago, and now it’s Standing Rock.

Environmental issues and social justice are deeply intertwined. Those who have been marginalized and left out of society’s “advances” are generally groups that are most affected by environmental degradation and exploited for their resources. Folks from the Indian reservation, Standing Rock (and several other tribes have joined in, some of which have reconciled deep historical differences with Standing Rock), from across the nation and overseas have come together to stand up to the government and the oil industry to protect their sacred land and water. The 1,172 mile North Dakota Access Pipeline encroaches on indigenous lands and will contaminate the water source for the people on the reservation and millions of others in towns downstream, not to mention, contribute to carbon emissions and corporate greed of an arcane oil industry. We have been at the mercy of capitalism, corporations, Big Oil. Water has been contaminated by the coal and oil industry most recently in Charleston, West Virginia and Flint, Michigan, and countless other communities across the globe for centuries.

In the aftermath of a historically unique election, many are trying to make sense of it, the future feels uncertain, and resting in the present seems more difficult than usual. The collective mind has changed since the shift in political landscape. I’ve been talking to friends about how this (traumatic) change has brought a clarity of purpose and a reason to step up and be our best selves. As it relates to Standing Rock, now is the time to organize socially and go be a part of the movements you hold dear in your heart. I stand for Standing Rock.

In the abstract, beyond the oppression of indigenous people specifically and marginalized groups in general that has persisted since time immemorable, beyond Big Oil, the coal industry and corporate greed, beyond climate change and it’s urgent message to take better care of the planet, beyond politics, economics, environmentalism, social justice, etc., there is a fundamental need to unite, support and see each other in a way that moves beyond otherness. To me, climate change seemed like the appropriate issue to come together around, simply because if we don’t, we are only causing more harm (potentially irreparable) to ourselves, our families, and all of life. If we continue to extract resources from our beloved Mother Earth, we will dry her up and she will spit us out. Where will we go then? This beautiful Earth supports and holds us always. Our bodies are made of her body. When we weep for her and ask how we can help her heal, she hears us. Culturally, this knowing runs deep in the Native American reverence for Nature, for the Great Mother – this movement is about protecting her sacredness. Water is the blood of the Great Mother. Water is life.