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Meatless Monday: Favorite Veggie Blogs

This Monday I want to highlight all the great online, free resources for those wanting to eat more plant-based. Whether you practice a vegetarian diet or are just looking to make a few changes, the blogosphere is a wonderful tool. Even if you are just interested in it for the beautiful and drool-worthy photos! Here are my favorites for you to peruse.


This lovely blog is D.C. based and packed to the brim with blended fruits, veggies and super foods. Beyond the great smoothies you’ll find beautiful and delicious raw and whole foods desserts that taste as good as they look AND are good for you. Winner!cashewcreamcookies








You’ll feel greener and more nutritionally whole just from looking at these delicious meals. The recipes are seasonal, plant based and easy to follow. When you read the About Page you’ll see the author went to culinary school but credits her abilities and success to real world food experience, agriculture and eating. Her recipes reflect her experience in their creativity and accessibility.



The motto on this site is “Healthy doesn’t have to be hard” and the author proves this to be true. As a working Momma she’s got the plant-based meals down for ease, health and flavor. Her photos are of course beautiful as well. Vegan-Pasta-Alfredo_4


Healthy desserts that are incredibly gorgeous to look at fill this blog. There are many savory options as well. What I love so much about this blog is the obvious care the Australian author takes in the preparation, presentation and writing of each recipe. She’ll make you want to meticulously make a raw, vegan cake…and then gobble it up immediately. raw-gaytime-cake-vegan


Probably one of my favorite blogs, I like the simplicity of the recipes, the love the author has for un-tapered veggies and fruits, and her quirky, kind of angsty, blog posts. She’s interesting and her recipes always include plenty of substitutions making them very accessible. IMG_4735

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  1. Beth April 25, 2016 at 11:15 am #

    Thanks Greer! Will check these out!

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